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Filling the gap

Why would we offer yet another piece of clothing? Why would we want to compete with all the others? We don’t compete, we simply just add the missing pieces. The pieces slightly off the main tracks, something really good and charmingly simple. There is so much at offer today, so many products, and so much look the same. Where is the individuality and the option to be unique? Experience now tells us we´re on the right track.

This is why our vision is to suggest and supply clothing across different categories, each one linked to a lifestyle of timeless and classic chic. We live by the idea that items made by clever people, in high quality materials with a classic touch, will last. We do not care for trends or fashion, we care about what we like and what we want. We love comfortable items, but we want them to be elegant and chic at the same time. And most of all, we want them to last. So; please have a look and see if you get hooked as well.