The mind behind

Kine Haugen is the founder of IDEA DESIGN and the mind behind Stories by Kine. She is Norwegian by birth, but a true Italian by heart. Two things triggered her entrance into the clothing business: she wanted to wear shirts, but couldn´t find one she loved. There was always something wrong; the buttons, the cut, the length, the collar or the cuffs. Secondly she found it really annoying to have found something she liked only to find it gone or discontinued the next year. If she likes something, she wants more of it. Having been the proud supplier of her own shirts for some time now, she realize a lot of people think just like her.


The passion for classic style, taste and understated elegance are all important sources of inspiration. Also the passion for things made by hand, the traditions and cultures of different countries are important drivers in what we do. We don´t seek to produce at low cost, but we might decide to produce some items in typically low cost countries, but only because of the unique craftsmanship we find there. We like to follow the craftsmanship and seek to establish contacts and friendship where  proud and skilled hands are at work.

Kine Haugen
Kine Haugen
Founder & Creative Director

With a degree in Interior Design from Florence, Italy, her journey has always been about style and taste. Matching and mismatching, and keeping a perfect balance between the two, making sure things don’t look too planned, too perfect or too styled. She wants things to happen by chance, not by rules. She is a free spirit allowing herself the freedom to follow her heart. Her brand Stories by Kine is a result of what she likes, what she thinks is needed in dressing individually and trend free. Also in what she finds missing. The identity of her brand, Stories by Kine, will always be high quality, traditional techniques and sustainable production. Hand in hand with easy to wear, multipurpose and intelligent fashion.

Irina Høst Wessel
Creative Designer

Irina has her formal background from ESMOD, Oslo, in fashion design, with specialization in women’s wear. Highly skilled and experienced in all parts of the value chain after 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. She has come on board to contribute with her expertise and to participate in taking the Stories by Kine collection to new levels. Fashion is to explore, to discover,To anticipate, to imagine and to create… learning how to observe and analyze is essential in order to meet consumer demands. Irina is a believer in clean lines, high quality and the importance of good fits.