Sibella Court, with eyes of a free spirit


Every now and then, I stumble across something that triggers me enough to stop and digest whatever it is that makes me stop. What made me stop, 4 years ago, was simply the cover of a book named Gypsy. The book was by Sibella Court, unknown to me then, and has since then been one of my sources of inspiration, both the book along with several of her other books, and the woman herself. Her name keeps popping up in my mind when I want to move outside of whatever box I feel trapped in. She seems to manage the art of living totally free from conformity and rules set by others.

The cover of Gypsy, the reason I fell in love with this rare soul down under
Sibella Court
Accidental beauty
Inside outside, free the mind

Sibella is also the eye behind the cover of my perfume box. It is one of the photographs in her Gypsy book, one among several stunning shots. If her photographs are technically perfect, I don’t know, but she has a unique way of setting things up, mixing them together, snapping something in a way that I admire tremendously. She makes me want to take off and explore, see the world with a different pair of eyes.
I was very much of the idea to use one of my own photographs on the cover of my perfume, but some of her images kept popping up, and the competition was suddenly on. Hers or mine? Sibella´s shot won, and I am very happy with my choice of image to team up with the fragrance.
I asked permission to use her image and I am very honored about her kind yes. To me the image represents energy, playfulness, freedom and generosity. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the content of the bottle inside the box, but this is also one of my rules; not to play by set rules, but be free to mix and mismatch whatever way you want. See how things can come together without being driven by the need for things to seem so obvious and perfectly matched.

Box covered in the spirit of Sibella
Interior by Sibella Court
Have a seat if you will
If I were to live in a hall way..

Sibella is immensely talented in several fields, but what she does best in my mind, is being a free spirit. No rules, no dictations, no trends. She makes her own trends and follow her own inner voice in everything she does. Not knowing her, other than what is written about her and from getting a glimpse through her stories in her books, she represents a delightful non conformist culture which appeals to me in more than one way.
One could say she is a women of many layers. She is part gypsy, part pirate, part historian, part interior decorator, writer, photographer, designer, author and globetrotter. She lives in Sydney, Australia, after 10 years in New York. She is the mind behind The Society Inc , a heaven for cool gadgets and tasteful and decorative pieces for those seeking anything a little different that the rest. The world is still her playground and wherever she goes, she takes notes, photos, read newspapers and magazines of all kinds, and she tears out what she finds interesting and files it upon returning home. Memories and emotions from her travels all make up her unique style.

Clean lines
Pieces to love
Born a pirate
Sibella´s latest piece of magic

Sibella leads the life I would have wanted to live had I not decided to fulfill my Italian dream of making high quality clothes and make Europe and Italy my playground. The world has so much to offer, and Sibella charges upon exploring the world in a way that leaves me both envious and inspired.

Thank you Sibella for lending me your eye. It is deeply appreciated. An honour in fact.

Happy Saturday, no rules hopefully.

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