Our story begins in Italy. The passion for classic style, taste and understated elegance, all the things Italians know by heart, are all important sources of inspiration to us. We live by the idea that items made by clever people, in high quality materials with a classic touch, will last. With a desire to develop clothes with certain features we found hard to obtain on the market, we decided to make our own line of timeless basics. Our vision is to suggest and supply clothing across different categories, each one linked to a lifestyle of timeless and classic chic.

We do not care for trends or fashion, we care about what we like and what we want. We love comfortable items, but we want them to be elegant and chic at the same time. And most of all, we want them to last. Italy is the obvious place to make our dreams come true, knowing the country as locals and feeling it´s home away from home.. We fill our shelves twice a year with new deliveries, re-stock every now and then and accept orders for special measurements or special needs in between. That ́s the beauty of being small.

Kine Haugen, founder and owner of Stories by Kine,  graduated with a degree in Interior Design in Florence, Italy in 1992.  Her journey has always been about style and taste. Matching and mismatching, and keeping a perfect balance between the two, making sure things don’t look too planned, too perfect or too styled. She wants things to happen by chance, not by rule. She is a free spirit allowing herself the freedom to follow her heart.

Kine is Norwegian by birth and Italian by heart. Two things triggered her entrance into the clothing business: she wanted to wear shirts, but couldn´t find one she really loved. Secondly she found it really annoying to have found something she liked only to find it gone or discontinued the next year.  If she likes something, she wants more of it. Having been the proud supplier of her own shirts for some time now, she realizes a lot of people think just like her.